Paul Hofrenning

Shino pottery

Edina, MN

2017 booth # 114

I have always found comfort and enjoyment when working with my hands. When I discovered pottery in college, it became a match and I found myself being able to create work that was transpiring and satisfying. Pottery has always been what centers me. I have been drawn to Japanese and Korean pottery.

About half of my work is wheel thrown, carved and altered and the other half of my work is handbuilt textured pottery that is highly tactile.

I work with both high fire stoneware and raku. I really enjoy working with raku and am doing more and more with that process.

Upon a lot of research I started to make my own glazes and create my pieces from my own perspective with an Asian influence. Over the years I have been inspired to create work that has a strong sculptural feel to it as well as a strong tactile feel to the piece at the same time.

I try to only make work that I like myself and hopefully still find a market for my work that also enjoy what I do.


© Paul Hofrenning

© Paul Hofrenning