Julie Johnson

Feat of Clay

Blaine, MN


2018 booth #90

My sculptural work in polymer clay demonstrates proficiency with structural & surface techniques. I create 3-dimensionality in my sculptures & kaleidoscopes by building layers of clay & curing the project in stages.

My work exhibits my passion for color. I custom-blend all my clay colors for each project. During project construction, I use a variety of techniques to create unusual shapes & intriguing outcomes. A personal favorite is mokume gane (borrowed from ancient Japanese metal working) which I use to create patterns that can’t be duplicated & are uniquely mine - the outcomes are serendipitous & exciting! I believe in expanding my skills and moving in new directions; I create canes to achieve predictable patterns; cane work requires construction precision; it is labor-intensive & results in repetitive designs.

I love polymer clay because it allows me to combine it with other art media e.g., metal leaf, inks, etc., in new & as yet, undiscovered ways.


© Julie Johnson

© Julie Johnson