Carter Cripe

Fired Up Studios

Shakopee, MN

2017 booth # 13

My pottery is wheel thrown with techniques I've learned through my profession of production pottery.

My work consists of a White Clay Body called "B-Clay" along with multiple glazes, slips and stains to create multiple surface textures and visual aesthetics that create beautiful compositions in my functional pottery.

One of these is my use of Red Iron Stain on my pots. Applying this along side with the glazes creates great visual contrast and multiple textures. Not only does it look different, but it FEELS different too.

©Carter Cripe

©Carter Cripe

Another example is my use of Black Slip that I use over my White Clay Body. I apply thick amounts of the Black Slip and wipe away with a sponge to create beautiful portraits of crows. Another technique I use for my pots is applying the Slip while the pot is still on the Wheel, which helps me create clean uniform patterns.

All of my work is Electric fired to either Cone 6 or Cone 10 Oxidation.