Julia Timm

Fresh Mud Pottery
Minneapolis, MN
2018 booth #117


Being a full-time studio potter is my second career. After raising four sons I took my first clay class and at age 50. I quickly determined that I wanted to work with clay for the rest of my life. I love making beautiful and functional pieces for peoples’ homes.

I paint slabs of clay with colorful under-glazes. Over the slab I attach a thin, stencil cut sheet of clay.  I draw and texture on these slabs. The form is then built. After bisque firing I apply black stain and wipe it off leaving the incised lines and texture black.  A clear glaze finishes the piece.

I use various slab building techniques to construct my pieces. Over colorful slabs I applique a pierced layer of semi-porcelain clay. I do line work and incising and then bisque fire. After the bisque I cover the piece with black stain and wipe it off. A food safe clear glaze goes on and I fire the work to cone 6 in oxidation.


© Julia Timm

© Julia Timm