Mixed Media-3D

Laura Burlis

Minneapolis, MN
2018 booth #143

My medium is polymer clay. I have been entranced by this substance for about ten years now, and have developed my own way of working with it. Many viewers assume that my images are painted, but all the colors are clay. My use of the medium feels like a cross between using clay as solid paint, and cutting and assembling the clay like a mosaic that resembles “pietra dura”. I try to distill a lifetime of observing nature into these miniature worlds, that momentarily becomes a paradise for your eyes. The recurring themes I play with are landscape and nature, especially seasonal change and universal cycles.


Stephanie Michaud

Studio Michaud
Cottage Grove, MN
2018 booth #43A


The thing that drives me create is the strong desire to make others smile, laugh and be happy. Nothing is more important to me than the happiness of others and it is those things I want to elicit from people that view my unique and whimsical work. My subject matter is animals and nature and I work in clay, from earthenware to hi-fire clays, because it is so willing to move w/ the command of my hands. The movement to pushing and pulling is immediate and gratifying.

COLOR is my love so I use bright glazes as well as cold finishes, always in pursuit of bright color to celebrate the piece’s energy and happiness. I often finish pieces with glass, feathers, beads, metal, and/or horsehair to have the maximum control over expressive gestures and stylized subjects all designed to be light, bright and fun to make people smile.


Anne Hoffman

WithanE Designs
Golden Valley, MN
2018 booth #100

My business developed from a passion for feeding and watching birds for over 50 years, and my artistic skills and talents in working with stained glass. Creating functional birdfeeders that are a work of art is a challenge: the challenge is not the size, but designing 3-dimensional pieces that are functional for the birds and hold up to the weather, especially in Minnesota. The process is to combine functionality and strength with the beauty of glass and copper. I create all of the designs myself then cut all of the glass and copper for the birdfeeders by hand and solder with lead-free solder. Colors of glass are selected that complement each other, yet make an artistic statement in a garden.
In the past 10 years I have gotten into kiln work, creating functional bird baths among other things. Dichroic and iridized glass has always fascinated me, and I have a lot of fun turning this magical glass into outdoor pieces of art.

© Anne Hoffman

© Anne Hoffman

Nicole Aufderhar

Wayfaring Art

North Branch, MN


© Nicole Aufderhar

© Nicole Aufderhar

2017 booth #.

I create handmade leather bound journals using book blocks which I make from a variety of papers including professional grade watercolor paper and a 70lb archival paper that is perfect for both writing and sketching. I then cover each book block in one of my many re-purposed leathers and bind the pages to the cover using the German longstitch method. The covers feature a variety of designs that I create using image transfers of my own photos, block printing, ceramic buttons, skeleton keys and drift wood. I also create mini journal jewelry using the paper and leather scraps leftover from my larger projects as a way to make sure nothing goes to waste.