Reena Maheshwari

Minneapolis, MN


2019 Booth #30

© Reena Maheshwari

© Reena Maheshwari

I am an Internationally Certified Henna Artist with over 20 years experience. Henna is a body decoration traditionally practiced in India, the Middle East and parts of Africa. I use all-natural Rajasthani Henna mixed with a blend of essential oils, tea, and sugar. (I DO NOT use black henna as this can cause unwanted allergic reactions.) My mom (Shakun Maheshwari of Shakuntala Design) and I have been doing henna in the Twin Cities for over 20 years - most notably at the Festival of Nations in St Paul. I have a number of henna style gift items as well such as cards and journals.

Ishrat Sharmin

Artistic Henna
Richmond, TX
2018 booth #A-5

I am a Henna Artist of Indian descent where Henna is part of our culture. I am a versatile henna artist and enjoy doing intricate traditional, modern and fusion designs. I enjoy doing intricate bridal and other celebratory designs as well as simple ones.

Henna is extracted from the leaf of a plant by drying and grinding. It is a temporary body art which can be applied with a tube or cone like icing on a cake.


Gregory Pendzimas

Robbinsdale, MN


© Gregory Pendzimas

© Gregory Pendzimas

2017 booth # 132

My artwork can be described as GREEN ART.
I repurpose, reuse  and recycle trash, junk or everyday objects. Repurposed plastic silverware becomes a hanging pendant light. Recyclables become a chandelier. Plastic drinking bottles become a crystal light and puzzle pieces are repurposed into a redesigned fruit bowl. Reusing trash to create art, lighting and home decor. Less trash more art!


David Harrison

David Harrison Expressions

Franklin, WI


2019 Booth #32A

All about enhanced color, drama, light, fantasy, movement, emotion - my original photographs transition from realistic presentation to an almost abstract derivative surrealism – all for others to experience my emotional re-discovery of these unforgettable experiences.
All entirely produced in my studio, each image is a unique single edition work printed on metallic photographic paper laminated directly to UV filtering acrylic and backed by another opaque layer of acrylic – an expensive risk-ridden process.


© David Harrison

© David Harrison