Gina Nicolae Johnson

Edina, MN

2019 Booth #74A

© Gina Nicolae Johnson

© Gina Nicolae Johnson

Romanian-american writer, journalist, novelist, poet and artist-painter and author of several books. I am in love with the canvas and creating with beautiful colors. It is so easy for me to 'write a poem’, but instead with a brush, colors. It makes me feel good about being able to share the gift of art with others. My imagination is exploring every single corner of the Universe and behind. I transfer in my painting everything I have discovered about Love, Humans, Life, Nature, Animals etc. Inspiration is abundant, from love the flowers, delight at a beautiful sunset, or the ocean, a bird chirping and the sky. I like the abstract art, painting subjects that can be easy to translate into realism if you have an eye for this style. I enjoy being able to paint from images dreamt at night, from what I see with my mind, it makes me want more and to share with everyone the joy I have when a painting is finished. Painting captivates to the point that I don't even notice the passing of time.

Constance Guerra

Constance Guerra Art

Midland, VA

© Constance Guerra

© Constance Guerra

2019 Booth #143

Watercolors, liquid acrylics,alcohol inks on archival paper/canvas, layers create a sense of texture & depth reflecting perspective of fur, fin and feathered subjects. 
My style is bright, loose,drippy and gestural with realistically rendered pockets of detail that breathe life into my creations. A variety of multilayered techniques where each layers a story and texture peeks through to accentuate the final image. For me, the process of creating art is a whole body experience. It draws me in, the world quietens away and I pour everything into the creation coming to life in front of me.

Mary Bacon

Minneapolis, MN

2019 Booth #111

© Mary Bacon

© Mary Bacon

Minnesota born and raised, with a life-long study of the local landscape including close study of the local flowers, trees, and parks. Residing in Minneapolis.

Self-taught oil painter. Professional Interior Designer, student of Tai Chi, meditation, and energy work.

In my paintings I am idealizing the universal flower or leaf, seeing the leaf or flower an object of contemplation and meditation. 

I spend lots of time in nature. My work starts with drawing on my canvas, and then adding layers of oil paint to produce my images. 

My paintings are oil on canvas, generally using 3 layers of paint to create depth, dimension, and texture. My technique has evolved into a color-blocking style with very crisp edges. The larger paintings can take several weeks to complete.


Brendan Kramp

St. Paul MN

2019 Booth #134

© Brendan Kramp

© Brendan Kramp

I work from original drawings and photographs that I take on site to create large format paintings using oil, acrylic, and ink that feature realistic urban and city/landscape scenes, in addition to more abstract work that is also inspired by the forms, colors, and environments that inspire my realistic work. I work both mid-size and large-format and have a range of work types and sizes when I show at art fairs and gallery shows.

Chelsea Rudie

Maple Grove MN

2019 Booth #

© Chelsea Rudie

© Chelsea Rudie

My creative journey with alcohol inks began with my mother. Always the artist, my mother spent the recent years refining her painting skills, and delving into the world of alcohol inks. She created beautiful things, and was beginning to experience success in local art fairs and a local gallery space. 

The inks and other materials sitting unused felt wrong and sad. Art should be made, shared, and loved with these, I thought. So, I took some materials to my home, and gave it a whirl. I loved how the inks appeared alive, and moved on the ceramic tiles. The vibrant colors made me smile, and watching them spread of their own will was mesmerizing.

I have since learned to manipulate the inks using an airbrush and isopropyl alcohol to encourage movement in specific ways. I enjoy designing stencils to create works with negative space and create balance between solid white or black and the vibrancy and depths of colors. I use a variety of substrates to showcase the inks in novel ways.

Linda Clayton

Minneapolis, MN
2019 Booth #67C

© Linda Clayton

© Linda Clayton

Capturing emotion is everything! I achieve this by incorporating color, energy and texture into my work. Inspired by music I choose the emotion or energy I want to convey in a painting. The subject matter is often related to strength and vulnerability. I strive to convey the power we each possess, but sometimes forget, as a reminder that we can overcome any struggles we encounter in this life. 

My paintings begin with a charcoal sketch, and are then finished with layers of different mediums and many layers of paint. They can best be described as contemporary Impressionism. 

The purpose of my work is very simple. I hope that when looking at my paintings, viewers can find strength and inspiration for every day life.

My artwork is unique, sometimes 
quirky and thought provoking.

Ketaki Poyekar

Elkader, IA
2018 booth #

My subject matter is nature, whether it is a traditional landscape or a bird and flower painting. I use acrylic paints, ink and brush on gallery stretched canvas, to capture movement and life in abstraction and let the viewer fill in the blanks to bring the painting to life. I love using bold, vibrant colors and forms. My goal is to inspire those who see my work to look more carefully at the world around them, to discover beauty in unusual places and things.

© Ketaki Poyekar

© Ketaki Poyekar

Karri Jamison

The Art Of Karri Jamison
Hillsboro, WI
2019 Booth #103

    Karri Jamison is a professional nature painter who’s unique style of art merges two painting genres: abstract expressionism and realism. She refers to her style of painting as “Whimsical Nature”.  Her work features stark black and white backgrounds combined with meticulously hand drawn and painted nature iconography.    Karri’s use of clean precise lines and highly detailed brush strokes gives her work a modern edge.  Her current series of paintings feature the birds and woodlands of the Midwest.  Each painting starts with an idea or scene inspired by Karri’s observation of nature and her imagination.  She doesn’t work from a photo. All of the scenes in Karri’s paintings are her own composition. Often, clients ask Karri if her work is digital or photography.  While flattering, the truth is, no.  Every inch of each painting is meticulously drawn and painted free hand.  The average time it takes Karri to create a painting is 200-600 hours.  It takes an enormous amount of dedication, patience, and skill to achieve each painting. The only tools she uses to create her highly detailed birds are:  acrylic paint, graphite pencil, and paint brushes only 3 to .5 millimeters in diameter.

Karri’s favorite subject matter to paint is birds and trees.  In fact, she considers herself a “bird-nerd” and often can be found traipsing through marshes, woodlands, and prairies looking for birds to study and paint. “Birds are a huge part of my life.  Each bird has a unique personality that I try to capture in my paintings. The patterns on their feathers are so intricate…I can’t help but enjoy the challenge and beauty each bird represents.” 




© Karri Jamison

© Karri Jamison

© Karri Jamison

© Karri Jamison

  Karri’s whimsical nature series has been well received by private, public, and corporate collectors.  Karri has received 11 awards in the past 2 years for her artwork.  Including, Best in Show at the Lakeville Art Festival, the Merit Award at the Uptown Art Festival, and the Award of Excellence at the Edina Art Fair. Karri graduated from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee-Peck School of The Arts in 2007 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Painting & Drawing.   Since graduation, Karri travels around the Midwest showing her artwork in museums, galleries and at fine art shows.