Featured Artists: Sharon Burns

Featured Artist: Sharon Burns

                                              susan burns               
Jewelry -

My name is Sharon Burns, my art is bead weaving.
I’ve been weaving since 1994. I’m self taught through beading books and magazines.
I didn’t start doing art shows until 2003. Prior to that I sold my jewelry in several craft malls.
I worked for 34 years in accounting. My saying until I retired was “I’m a bean counter by day and a bead counter by night."

My jewelry is all hand woven using glass beads.
I weave in a few different stitches i.e.herringbone, square, ladder, brick and peyote.
Sometimes I incorporate chain into my free form patterns for a different effect.
Using different size beads in a piece of jewelry gives it a mixture of textures.
The most important thing in my jewelry is color. This is my best asset.

Sharon Burns