Apply to be a Food Vendor

Delicious Food & Drink

The Loring Park Art Festival invites an array of vendors offering savory food, sweet treats, and thirst quenching drinks.  For a list of vendors, click here.


Food Vendor Application Information

If you are a licensed food vendor and are interested in applying to sell food at the Loring Park Art Festival, most food categories are full for this year. Please email if you have a small or unique food.

Questions?  Contact us.

We are full for most categories of food vendors - if you have a small or unique food, we may be able to accommodate you. Please email Pat to inquire.  

(Require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program)

This is our 18th year of successful events that have generated large crowds. 140 artists will be participating in the festival and there will be a wide variety of entertainment. We hope you will consider applying as a food vendor to reach the 25,000 expected attendees this year.

Please complete all parts of the application and include all necessary documentation. If you are accepted, your vendor fee of $500.00 will be cashed at the time of acceptance. There are no refunds after notification of acceptance. Your damage deposit of $200 will be returned to you following the close of the festival after it has been determined that you have met the conditions agreed upon in the festival contract.