Kirk Niehouse

Marshalltown, IA

2019 Booth #48

I am the owner of and potter for Marshalltown Pottery Company which was created in 2002. I specializes in original, one-of-a-kind Raku and functional stoneware ceramics.

I separate my ceramics into two categories: wheel thrown pottery and hand-built pottery. My wheel thrown work is nonfunctional Raku or functional stoneware, which consists of bowls, plates, cups, wine chillers, colanders, bottles and vases. My wheel work is very tight and controlled, which would be a good characterization of me.

My hand-built work is much freer and more playful. It ranges from romantic candle-lit patio lanterns to elegant textured boxes with lids. It also includes textured abstract pieces created over forms to be used as bowls and vases. These pieces are then finished with the Japanese-American process of Raku to achieve metallic, copper and luster colors.



© Kirk Niehouse

© Kirk Niehouse