Eric Holey

Eau Claire, WI
2018 booth #120B


At heart I am a functional potter. I throw all of my work on the wheel from stoneware clay. After the pot is thrown I frequently add slip texture to create a sense of movement and channels for my glazes to run and flow. Each piece is carefully trimmed to a finished form which is as elegant as it is functional. My glazes are hand brushed and layered to ensure beautiful outcomes which are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the touch. I fire all of my work in an oxidation environment which allows me great control of the temperatures necessary to achieve the work I envision.


©Eric Holey

©Eric Holey

Collette Gesinger


Sioux Falls, SD
2018 booth #131 

The artwork produced by Collette Gesinger and Judith Edenstrom is abstract and/or impressionistic images. The process used is: alcohol based inks, Pebeo’ products, crystals and other materials on ceramic glazed tiles. The inks and other media are manipulated into the design. Once the designs are complete, the tiles are covered with a ultra-violet protection, and embedded in two-part epoxy.

Laura Burlis

Minneapolis, MN
2018 booth #143

My medium is polymer clay. I have been entranced by this substance for about ten years now, and have developed my own way of working with it. Many viewers assume that my images are painted, but all the colors are clay. My use of the medium feels like a cross between using clay as solid paint, and cutting and assembling the clay like a mosaic that resembles “pietra dura”. I try to distill a lifetime of observing nature into these miniature worlds, that momentarily becomes a paradise for your eyes. The recurring themes I play with are landscape and nature, especially seasonal change and universal cycles.