Lisa Williams

© Lisa Williams

© Lisa Williams

2019 Booth #128


My work encompasses all aspects of jewelry making. Each piece is a unique hand fabricated design from silver flat sheet and wire with emphasis on comfort of wearability and elegance. To manipulate the metal, I employ an array of techniques, including hammering, hollowware, rollprinting, marriage of metals, etching, and tool fabrication. My designs boast an urban flair characterized by delicate and intricate textures.

I derive my inspiration for textures, shapes, lines and patterns from simple details that surround us everyday and everywhere. My studio is filled with natural elements I have collected over the years.
Among my greatest sources of inspiration is a box of “ metal things,” including scrap, as well as my
own experimental designs, in various stages, which
I save and use to spark imagination and evolution. 

I earned a BFA in Design with an emphasis in
metalsmithing from the University of Kansas.  I also
studied jewelry design and adornment at Elmhurst
Art Museum.  I have been doing various art shows
around Illinois for the past 18 years.