Jamie Heiden

Jamie Heiden Photography

Holmen, WI


2019 booth #81

Jamie Heiden lives in the beautiful Driftless area of western Wisconsin. For as long as she can remember, she has been a collector of images. She stores them in her mind; she captures them with her camera. For her, pictures really can tell a story. Life’s simplicity is her inspiration and conveying that story is her goal. 

Jamie is a photographer first. But when she sits down at her computer, the beginnings unfold. Her finished images contain multiple photographic layers using tasks once performed in the darkroom, now tools she has at her fingertips on the computer.  What would have taken hours years ago can be done and then undone in half the time, not necessarily making the completed process any shorter but allowing for ten times the amount of experimenting within.  

All of her work contains multiple photographic layers combined digitally. She works on each individual layer.  Of course all images are Jamie's and no filters are used in the process. The end result is an image ever-so-slightly removed from traditional photography.




© Jamie Heiden

© Jamie Heiden