Stephanie Michaud

Studio Michaud
Cottage Grove, MN
2018 booth #43A

The thing that drives me create is the strong desire to make others smile, laugh and be happy. Nothing is more important to me than the happiness of others and it is those things I want to elicit from people that view my unique and whimsical work. My subject matter is animals and nature and I work in clay, from earthenware to hi-fire clays, because it is so willing to move w/ the command of my hands. The movement to pushing and pulling is immediate and gratifying.

COLOR is my love so I use bright glazes as well as cold finishes, always in pursuit of bright color to celebrate the piece’s energy and happiness. I often finish pieces with glass, feathers, beads, metal, and/or horsehair to have the maximum control over expressive gestures and stylized subjects all designed to be light, bright and fun to make people smile.