Kristin Wornson

Skipping Lilies
Minneapolis, MN
2018 booth #4

I have a love of wild things and wild places, and a desire to exhibit the beauty that exists there. I make jewelry using plant material I’ve collected as my primary design element, and glass as the other component. I explore jewelry as 2-dimensional, rather than sculptural, and find limitless possibilities for design using nothing but the plants I have scavenged. With a background in biology, I see pendants as tiny canvases – within which I represent minute images of spectacularly intricate living things, in simple, but elegant design. The designs play off the color and texture of glass, maintaining the subtle and quiet beauty of the plants and flowers I showcase. Much of what I collect is headed for the mower, tiny flowers and weeds that for most of their lives go completely unnoticed. These same trodden plants take on a life of staggering beauty when given the opportunity to be examined. I hope they encourage a closer look.