Jonathan & Allison Metzger

Des Moines IA

2019 Booth #105

© Jonathan & Allison Metzger

© Jonathan & Allison Metzger

Limited edition Silkscreen images hand-printed on archival paper. Hand-cut rubylith stencils are used to create our multi-layer images, along with lithographic style textures which are created using tusche washes, India ink, and grease crayons. We use water-based acrylic inks to print our images & each color has been specially mixed to fit our curated color family & the use of transparency base adds visual complexity to the overlapping layers. Using a wide variety of media allows the artists to push and explore the potentials of traditional silkscreen printmaking.

Jonathan & Allison Metzger are a husband and wife team that create traditional silkscreen images without any use of digital technology or manipulation. Compelled to create work that is inspired by their own experiences with nature, they visually explore the vast and diverse American Landscape.  Jonathan creates the initial drawing, Allison and Jonathan perfect the composition and then hand cut each rubylith layer, Allison chooses and mixes all the colors, Allison and Jonathan hand print each color layer.

Artist influences include the great masters of American Modernism such as Georgia O'Keeffe, Marsden Hartley, and Aaron Douglas.


Both Allison and Jonathan received their Master of Fine Art Degrees from University of Kansas in 2013. During the summer of 2015, while participating in an Artist Residency held at the prestigious Red Barn in Lindsborg, Kansas, they decided to pursue something they always dreamed of doing; opening their own studio where they could create their original work and build a platform to interact with the public and art collectors alike. In the last three years, they have slowly built their studio to reflect their passion for nature and local community. In the summer of 2018 alone, they participated in over 20 juried art fairs in the upper Midwest.