Kristin Wornson

Skipping Lilies
Minneapolis, MN
2018 booth #4

I have a love of wild things and wild places, and a desire to exhibit the beauty that exists there. I make jewelry using plant material I’ve collected as my primary design element, and glass as the other component. I explore jewelry as 2-dimensional, rather than sculptural, and find limitless possibilities for design using nothing but the plants I have scavenged. With a background in biology, I see pendants as tiny canvases – within which I represent minute images of spectacularly intricate living things, in simple, but elegant design. The designs play off the color and texture of glass, maintaining the subtle and quiet beauty of the plants and flowers I showcase. Much of what I collect is headed for the mower, tiny flowers and weeds that for most of their lives go completely unnoticed. These same trodden plants take on a life of staggering beauty when given the opportunity to be examined. I hope they encourage a closer look.


Sally Phillips

Indianapolis, IN
2018 booth #49

I use heavy gauge 14kt gold filled and solid sterling silver metals in my wirewrapped bracelets, earrings, rings, pendants and cuffs. Each piece is made one at a time. They are given a hand application of patina, is buffed, burnished then given a final polish. Thee look is classic and timeless and is meant to be worn every day. My jewelry goes well with casual as well as more formal attire.

© Sally Phillips

© Sally Phillips

Linda Banning

LB Originals
Minneapolis, MN
2018 booth #144

I was raised in Wisconsin along the beautiful St. Croix River. At the University of Wisconsin,     I studied art and earned my Bachelor’s degree. Because of my longing for creative expression, I started working in stained glass in 2000 while living in St. Paul, MN. I was drawn to this medium because of the play of light and color and the use of line and texture. I began creating one-of–a-kind abstract window pieces. 

Each type of glass I use brings its own uniqueness and depth to the work. I use stained glass for variety in color and texture and started using bottle glass in 2007 after my local glass recycling program ended. I had a personal mission to save some bottles from the landfill. Plus, finding bottles with interesting enameled or embossed graphics is so much fun! So much fun that in 2016, I started incorporating aluminum cans and opened up a whole new world of possibilities!

I personally design and hand-craft each piece of jewelry. The glass is hand cut and ground smooth to shape and size. Stained glass is wrapped in copper foil and soldered. Bottles are ground smooth and drilled to affix findings. By cold-working the bottles, I’m able to retain the original graphics and natural curve. I hope you enjoy my work!


Jan Raven

Wausau, WI

2018 booth #28

My creative process is driven primarily by my need to create patterns and texture with wire, and much of my focus remains with the timeless spiral shape. My work is created by using 14 karat gold-fill and Argentium silver, a patented, tarnish-resistant alloy of sterling silver. The silver is fused and forged in some designs, and all shaping is done by hand or with the aid of small hand tools. Elements of each design are woven together by hand with small-gauge wire. Necklace chains are woven entirely by hand with long lengths of wire; the weaving technique itself dates to the Viking era. The techniques I use are historically based or are derived from textile work. All components are made by me.


Barbara Hamberg

Desert Snow Designs

Albert Lea, MN

2018 booth #59

Color is what truly enlivens me and I use it gleefully in my art. I coil, bend, twist, flatten and form wire, which once began simply straight, along with hammering and texturing sterling silver. I also use semiprecious and precious stones, copper, anodized aluminum, crystal, and lampwork glass.


© Barbara Hamberg

© Barbara Hamberg

Julie Johnson

Feat of Clay

Blaine, MN

2018 booth #90

I create, using polymer clay, wearable art–not just jewelry! I adapt to color & fashion trends beyond the limitations of most other jewelry artists. My jewelry is functional, fun, trendy-one-of-a-kind. It is unique, hand-made, created one piece at a time with love & finished with great care. Wherever possible it is signed. Years of master-level training & experience enable me to create intriguing shapes (some with kinetic movement), incorporate interesting & unusual findings to create one-of-a-kind items of wearable art. My work demonstrates a high-level of proficiency with surface techniques. My work expresses a passion for originality & color – especially color! I custom-blend my colors for every project. I frequently incorporate my original art into a design. Repeat buyers come to my booth, often wearing a piece they purchased previously. I’m so appreciative of their support & they personally challenge me to stretch my horizons & continue my exploration of the medium.



© Julie Johnson

© Julie Johnson

Annette Wilson

Artful Romp Studio

Maplewood, MN

2018 booth #120A

Hand Made Sterling Silver Jewelry, primarily necklaces & earrings. Many pieces have stones, some have other interesting materials such as photos, buttons, copper, shells, etc. Techniques: soldering, texturing (hammer or rolling mill), hand sawing & forming, press forming & cutting.


© Annette Wilson

© Annette Wilson

Lisa Williams

Algonquin, IL

2018 booth #129

I am a jeweler that creates unique wearable art. I design and construct my pieces with multiple colored sheet metals and wire using traditional metal working techniques including soldering, saw work and etching.

My studio is filled with natural elements I have collected over the years. My greatest source of inspiration is a box of “metal things,” including found objects, scrap, as well as my own experimental designs, in various stages, which I save and use to spark imagination and evolution.


© Lisa Williams

© Lisa Williams

Cindy Mae Swee

Dakota Mae Design

Minneapolis, MN

2018 booth #15

I make lampworked glass beads with encasing, dichroic glass, and 22K gold and fine silver leaf enhancements.

I combine my art glass creations with quality gemstones, hammered, torched and stamped sterling silver, copper, brass, 14K gold and a variety of unique treasures and glass beads from my vast collection including Venetian, vintage German and Czech glass. I’ve also collected a wide range of beautiful gemstones from which I draw upon for inspiration and design elements. These include many different shapes and shades of labradorite, turquoise, tanzanite, jaspers and sodalite, in addition to pearls in a wide range of colors and from faceted and freshwater to keshi. 

When designing I focus on color, balance, wearability, elegance and fun!

I am thrilled and finished with a piece when the design is beautiful in addition to being comfortable, wearable, and timeless.



© Cindy Mae Swee

© Cindy Mae Swee

Laura Stamper

New Hope, MN

2017 booth # 36

Laura's art background is painting. When she approaches a new piece, she thinks in terms of color, design and negative space. “I have been influenced by the greats from Da Vinci to Dali. The theme of my art is rooted in story with an emphasis on nature and the female form.” Each figure is carefully hand crafted one at a time.

The entire process for each piece consists of multiple steps, including miniature porcelain sculptures and enameling. When all the miniatures are finished, Laura combines them with gem stones and sets them in precious metals (sterling silver, 18 k, 22 k, and 24 k gold). Laura's unique style and craftsmanship make these collectable pieces heirlooms of the future.

Laura's work is sold through select galleries and juried art shows.


© Laura Stamper

© Laura Stamper

Carmel Schramm

Simply Living Jewelry

Rhinelander, WI

2017 booth # 143

The Fine Art of Stone Jewelry - Natural stones lead our designs. Every step from design, fabrication, and finishing is done my me. I use fine silver, and tarnish- resistant sterling such as Argentium.The sheet and wire I forge, bend, or hammer into shapes is silver soldered to complete the finished pieces. I enjoy the challenge of traditional hand fabrication metal smith techniques to form each piece. Our textured surfaces are achieved by traditional and contemporary methods. I cut stones to reflect the optimum shape, color, texture by traditional lapidary methods.


© Carmel Schramm

© Carmel Schramm