Ishrat Sharmin

Artistic Henna
Richmond, TX
2018 booth #A-5

I am a Henna Artist of Indian descent where Henna is part of our culture. I am a versatile henna artist and enjoy doing intricate traditional, modern and fusion designs. I enjoy doing intricate bridal and other celebratory designs as well as simple ones.

Henna is extracted from the leaf of a plant by drying and grinding. It is a temporary body art which can be applied with a tube or cone like icing on a cake.


Clayton Bell

Florence, TX
2018 booth #47

I attach elements of earth to self-built forms made of cement or wood to create The Original Rainmaker and my oversized stone mosaics. I use slate from India so when I create a stone mosaic I must consider the final weight of the piece. I veneer each stone after cutting it and use a razor blade to make each piece as thin as possible. I use hollow wooden doors for the canvas and most of my large stone mosaics are in the vicinity of 40 pounds. The Original Rainmaker was accidentally perfect. The triangular shape affords the best acoustics to project the sound . I chose the triangle only because it was the easiest structure to build, and later found that other shapes were not acoustically desirable. My name means "of the earth" and I recently moved my studio and home to the foothills of the Texas Hill Country............"under the earth".......6 feet under...


© Clayton Bell

© Clayton Bell