Laura Stamper

New Hope, MN

2017 booth # 36

Laura's art background is painting. When she approaches a new piece, she thinks in terms of color, design and negative space. “I have been influenced by the greats from Da Vinci to Dali. The theme of my art is rooted in story with an emphasis on nature and the female form.” Each figure is carefully hand crafted one at a time.

The entire process for each piece consists of multiple steps, including miniature porcelain sculptures and enameling. When all the miniatures are finished, Laura combines them with gem stones and sets them in precious metals (sterling silver, 18 k, 22 k, and 24 k gold). Laura's unique style and craftsmanship make these collectable pieces heirlooms of the future.

Laura's work is sold through select galleries and juried art shows.


© Laura Stamper

© Laura Stamper