Cindy Mae Swee

Dakota Mae Design

Minneapolis, MN

2018 booth #15

I make lampworked glass beads with encasing, dichroic glass, and 22K gold and fine silver leaf enhancements.

I combine my art glass creations with quality gemstones, hammered, torched and stamped sterling silver, copper, brass, 14K gold and a variety of unique treasures and glass beads from my vast collection including Venetian, vintage German and Czech glass. I’ve also collected a wide range of beautiful gemstones from which I draw upon for inspiration and design elements. These include many different shapes and shades of labradorite, turquoise, tanzanite, jaspers and sodalite, in addition to pearls in a wide range of colors and from faceted and freshwater to keshi. 

When designing I focus on color, balance, wearability, elegance and fun!

I am thrilled and finished with a piece when the design is beautiful in addition to being comfortable, wearable, and timeless.



© Cindy Mae Swee

© Cindy Mae Swee