Cindy Mae Swee

Dakota Mae Design

Minneapolis, MN

2017 booth # 15

Color, rhythm, balance, pattern, pleasing proportions, the natural world, and just about anything can inspire me to create.

My love of gemstones began during my childhood while hunting for agates and thomsonites on the north shore of Lake Superior. In the 1970’s I became hooked on glass beads as well, and started collecting vintage and unusual beads in the U.S.A., Europe and the Far East.

I also make my own lampworked beads and enhance them with 22K gold and fine silver leaf, dichroic glass and encasing. I find making shapes and mixing colors to be very seductive.

I combine these creations with quality gemstones, Swarovski crystal, hammered, torched and stamped sterling silver and copper, 14K gold and a variety of unique treasures and vintage glass beads from my vast collection. I am thrilled and finished with a piece when the design is beautiful, in addition to being wearable and timeless.



 © Cindy Mae Swee

© Cindy Mae Swee