Benjamin Leatham

Cannon River Bowl and Spoon

Northfield, MN

2019 Booth # 142

I'm a wood artist. I live by the philosophy of "surround yourself with things you find beautiful and use them every day." I am inspired by the beauty of nature and my work highlights the personality of each tree from which it is sourced. I create functional cooking utensils, hand-turned bowls, serving pieces, and cutting boards. I strive to make pieces that are accessible to people of all means, so I have a range of sizes and prices. I handcraft each item with great care and attention. After I carve each piece, I devote much time and effort to sanding and finishing until it shines and glows from within. My finishing process is adapted from a European technique involving water and repeated applications of boiled flaxseed oil, a hardening food-safe finish. My studio is in Cannon Falls, MN. I source my wood from the surrounding region, often salvaging fallen trees after a storm, or reclaiming beautiful, but not commercial-grade, logs. 


© Benjamin Leatham

© Benjamin Leatham