Mike Welton

Minneapolis, MN


2017 booth # 87

I started painting over 14 years ago. At that time I was photographing City scapes and was attracted to photographing buildings so it was a natural subject to paint. I paint 3 different series of oil paintings; Twin City Icons, Signage and Urban Extracts. The major Icon's Of the Twin Cities have been a pleasure to re-creating with Oil Paint. I try to capture the most intriguing angles along with heightening the light and color the subject already has. The immediate connection the viewer can make from my work is what makes the subjects of our beautiful neighborhoods so rewarding to paint. I'm continually honored by the memories and pride my work inspires from those who view it.

I have sold at art fairs nation wide for several years. I've sold my work in several galleries within the Midwest and east coast. Locally I'm with the Douglas Flanders Gallery Minneapolis. If I have sold the original Oil painting of my Iconic Twin Cities pieces; they are then sold as limited edition Giclee prints made from the digital scans of the original oil paintings.

I work in Oil paint on canvas. A few of my pieces have sharpie marker used in them too. First I under paint my work using acrylic ocher, that way light colors such as whites have to be painted a bit heavier and the painting over a dried ocher seems to brighten my colors. I Varnish my paintings with a high gloss to bring out the door even more in them.when they have dried long enough.

My process starts with my taking pictures of my subjects. I try to shoot photos that are close to the final layout of my picture as possible. I photocopy the image large enough to trace just the outlines of my composition. As I paint I carefully study the color of both screen and printed versions of my picture to paint. This helps me create pools of color I record for each area I paint. This way i create hues and shades of color uniquely my own off of observation of the real colors.

With the Urban Extracts series I visually translate my urban environment by extracting structural areas and recreating them though color, shadow and cropping. Density of buildings and their relationship to each other in connection with the atmospheric light are essential elements I use to translate reality into my paintings. I hope that by observing my work a new recognition for our urban landscape evolves and sparks a respect for new and old building structures.

© Mike Welton

© Mike Welton