Ann Solyst

Minneapolis, MN

© Ann Solyst

© Ann Solyst

2019 Booth #35

Ann Works in hard pastel on paper, drawing both real and imagined animals in a naturalistic style. Her work is rich in form and texture and grounded in technique without becoming stiff. Rather than focusing on realism, her focus is on believability. She is selective and precise in those details she includes and avoids including details that, although accurate, may not add to the piece of art as a whole. Ann wants her drawings to be playful and true to the character of her subjects.
The way Ann develops a drawing is practical. Working from photos to reference the color, shape, and texture of her subject, she draws a simple yet precise outline in charcoal. Next she blocks out shadow followed by color in hard pastel. Her color palette is often subdued, giving the drawings a 20th century wildlife illustration quality. From here, Ann refines her drawing through multiple layers of pastel until it reaches the desired balance of

whimsy and realism.