Vince Cook

Chop Finely
Brainerd, MN

2019 booth #67D

I create art pieces from a centuries old Japanese craft called Kumiko. This is the creation of lattice work with intricate patterns made from very small pieces of wood that are hand cut and shaped. I received an art grant to study this art form from one of two master teachers in the U.S.

There are approximately 200 kumiko patterns that can be combined into unique art and furniture pieces. The woods used are primarily Alaskan Spruce, but I also use native MN hardwoods to add texture and colors.

The work is primarily completed with hand tools including Japanese saws and planes, and jigs which I have developed to help replicate the various cuts. The work is very precise and must be exact for the individual pieces to align properly.

© Vince Cook

© Vince Cook