Emily Lavalier

St. Louis Park, MN
2018 booth #34


A self-taught collage artist from Minneapolis this high-density collage style begins with a hand drawn sketch covered by layers and layers of paper from recycled magazines, thrift store children’s books, and found objects.

Each original is uniquely three-dimensional and takes anywhere from 40 to 140 hours to complete. Along with paper the artist uses beads, stickers, string, gems, and anything else found buried in her craft bin created by over ten years of scrapbooking and card-making.

The artist followed her passion of artistry in 2014 after three years of helping folks with disabilities find employment they loved. She continues to work for non-profits but now spends evenings creating her textured and intricate collages and learning woodshop skills to build frames. Her 4x6 greeting cards have turned into 12x18’s and then 20x24’s. Her largest one to date being over four feet across and taking almost 200 hours of work.

© Emily Lavalier

© Emily Lavalier