Chelsea Rudie

Maple Grove MN

2019 Booth #139

© Chelsea Rudie

© Chelsea Rudie

My creative journey with alcohol inks began with my mother. Always the artist, my mother spent the recent years refining her painting skills, and delving into the world of alcohol inks. She created beautiful things, and was beginning to experience success in local art fairs and a local gallery space. 

The inks and other materials sitting unused felt wrong and sad. Art should be made, shared, and loved with these, I thought. So, I took some materials to my home, and gave it a whirl. I loved how the inks appeared alive, and moved on the ceramic tiles. The vibrant colors made me smile, and watching them spread of their own will was mesmerizing.

I have since learned to manipulate the inks using an airbrush and isopropyl alcohol to encourage movement in specific ways. I enjoy designing stencils to create works with negative space and create balance between solid white or black and the vibrancy and depths of colors. I use a variety of substrates to showcase the inks in novel ways.