Cheryl Shohet

Cheryl Shohet Designs

Waconia, MN

2019 Booth #31

© Cheryl Shohet

© Cheryl Shohet

I am a full time studio artist. I create small sculpture and jewelry in nonferrous metals complimented by various materials including: gems and minerals, wood, enamel and paint. I utilize various techniques available to me including: fabrication, lost wax casting, etching, electroforming, anodizing and painting, I approach each piece as art first irregardless of function. No two are alike and no duplications are ever present in my inventory. 

Last year I received honors at Edina and Powderhorn. I have been fortunate to both participate and jury many shows over the years.  

I have previously opened two art galleries and have both a BFA in Painting and MFA in Metalsmithing. I attended the University of Illinois, Art Institute of Chicago and both attended and taught at Northern Illinois University.