Kristen Treuting

Kristen's Creations

Minneapolis MN

2019 Booth #75A

© Kristen Treuting

© Kristen Treuting

I am a gourd artist and my journey with this medium started about 11 years ago after collecting many gourds that I had grown and dried, in my garage. It took me a couple years to develop the courage to create with them. I am essentially a self-taught gourd artist.
I have always been drawn to the natural world for inspiration. I find the sense of ‘flow’ in the shapes and forms of the gourds themselves, as each gourd seems to communicate to me as to what it will become. The theme of water and flow naturally show themselves in my work, as do leaves, trees, animals and flowers. I use a variety of techniques when making my gourd creations to include wood burning, carving, staining and embellishing them with natural objects and fibers.