Mary Ellen Kutz

Mimi's Fiber Art

Plymouth, MN

2019 Booth #67B

@ Mary Ellen Kutz

@ Mary Ellen Kutz

I offer a selection of handwoven, handspun, handknit, & handsewn items. Shawls, scarves, ponchos, vests, bags, purses, table runners, hand dyed women's shirts & shawls, cell phone bags made from upcycled women's blue jeans. I sometimes offer pillows from my handwoven and hand dyed fabric. All products are of my own design and seldom are there two alike. I pride myself on making one-of-a-kind fiber art pieces in my own eclectic style. My handwoven items often have some or all of the yarn dyed and spun by my hand. I often dye all my own fiber and/or cloth for a project. I especially like working with Indigo dye.