Julie Beal

Excelsior, MN

2019 Booth #


© Julie Beal

© Julie Beal

Earth, Wick & Fire is a small, family based business located in Excelsior, Minnesota. Our hand crafted stone oil candles are made out of natural slate that varies in beautiful mineral colors and textures. During the creation of each candle the characteristics and design are controlled by the composition of the slate and the artist. With the use of a small rock hammer and the controlled pressure of the strike to the slate, the design simply starts with that first strike to see how it will fracture. The break inspires us to continue to move around the piece, in a fashion of interest and inspiration, allowing the slate to come alive. There are never two candles exactly alike.
Earth, Wick & Fire has created a maintenance free, low profile candle that you will enjoy for years, just add oil. Our fiberglass wicks do not burn away and each copper wick holder is hand crafted. The reservoir holds 1 oz. of lamp oil and will burn for approximately 4 to 5 hours before putting itself out.