David Harrison

David Harrison Expressions

Franklin, WI


2017 booth # 47

I label my work “derivative surrealistic digital imaging”.

With Photoshop CC, I manipulate my camera files to achieve movement, texture, color, shadow play, and the illusion of three-dimensional depth. The process involves extensive use of layering, filtering, isolating elements of layers, imbuing layers with depth, embossing, texturing, creating patterns, etc. Many images fuse unexpected illusions and contain many layered textures with additional photo content. Each layer is set to balance with previous layers until the image acquires a type of surrealistic emotional expression.

The resulting art is I printed on a metallic substrate (Kodak or Epson) in my studio where I then laminate it between 1/4” UV filtering acrylic and another 1/4” layer of opaque acrylic. The unconventional result intensifies both the texturing and color.


© David Harrison

© David Harrison