David Harrison

David Harrison Expressions

Franklin, WI


2018 booth #32A 

My stock photo image files record my mountaineering expeditions in the North and South America and Asia. With Photoshop CC I manipulate these original files to achieve movement, texture, color, shadow play, and the illusion of three-dimensional depth. My methods involve extensive use of layering, filtering, layer isolation, imbuing layers with depth, embossing, texturing, patterns, etc. Many images fuse unexpected illusions and contain more layered textures and additional photos. Each layer is set to balance with previous layers until the final image acquires an emotional expression of memory of my experiences around the world - in effect a derivative photographic surrealism. In my studio, I personally produce all: I design, print on metallic medium, laminate under acrylic, polish, and frame all work.


© David Harrison

© David Harrison